To hear the right answer, ask the right question


We are a curious species. Depending what you choose to believe we were either placed on this planet or evolved into its dominant inhabitants. How did we do it. Well we got here by asking questions, constantly, of ourselves of our environment of our co-inhabitants. Ask a question and find the answer. If you don’t find the answer first time around keep trying, that desire to succeed is what differentiates us from every other species on the planet. Why is this relevant on the blog of a PR agency? Well it’s because people are always asking us questions which we have to find the answers to. Why doesn’t my product sell, who would buy this, how can I get more followers on social media, who decides what products get featured on TV, what do I need to do……? We don’t actually profess to have all the answers, but we help you to create scenarios where, invariably,  they reveal themselves. Ask us the marketing/PR  questions which are weighing you down and lets see what answers we can uncover together.